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Thread: Vertex Standard C5900DA spares

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    Default Vertex Standard C5900DA spares

    Hi I am the proud owner of a triple band Standard that sadly has lost one of its small inner control knobs. Suggestions of what to replace it with or even the whole set on inner and outer control knobs appreciated and who would stock them.
    de G0AFN

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    Since Vertex is now Yaesu, the two brands often share components such as knobs, have you tried Yaesu Parts?

    There likely is also a Vertex Parts as well, BING for that.


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    It is to laugh. Vetrex/Standard will net even recognize (or admit) that "Standard" Amateur equipment even exists, much less try to cross reference parts. When they abandoned the Amateur market years ago, they disowned any and all responsibility or liability for any of the "Standard" branded equipment.
    That's more the pity, because the Standard equipment was often better designed (and better built) than Yaesu or Vertex equipment. (The H-T's were built like a tank, and their C-5608 mobile radio was the first mobile dual-band FM radio that could be completely controlled by the controls on the microphone. BEFORE YaeComWood.)
    Finding a replacement part is going to be "hit or miss; " at the best.

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    I'm recalling the young fellow, one of our MechE students at the time, who lost an inner knob for his HT - and showed up at the next club meeting with a toothpaste cap affixed to the shaft. He cut the bottom skirt of the cap down until the thing fit into the recess of the lower knob, coated the shaft itself with a little vegetable oil to act as a release agent, then filled the toothpaste cap with a bit of hot glue and pushed it onto the shaft. Careful not to let the hot glue contact the lower knob, etc.

    It wasn't the same color or look, but it worked...

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