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Thread: Heil iCM and Icom 7200

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    Default Heil iCM and Icom 7200

    Do you have experience with these two? I was using an SM 20 desk mike with good results but it seems to have died. By what Heil claims their iCM has punch and good audio quality. Thank you,

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    Heil equipment is very good, and does what they say!

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    How about the Icom SM-30 - works well on IC7200. 73 K1WJ David

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    I now use an ICOM SM-6 with my 7200, and I am getting very good audio reports.
    They can be had for about $50.00 to $60.00.


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    I tried a Heil iCM headset with my IC-7000 and didn't like it at all. .I never could get it properly "dialed in" in terms of mic gain and compression settings so that it sounded good.

    I had been using a cheap(~$15-20) computer headset from a big-box office store. Guess what? I still use it. Mic gain at 10%, low compression, and I sound good. With the TX bandwidth set to "Wide" it sounds natural and high-quality. With it set to "Narrow" and a tad more compression added, I get all the punch I need for contesting. I can leave the mic gain alone for when I run digital modes like PSK; I don't have to reset it every time.

    Thus the only thing Heil I use is the adapter to hook up the headset and footswitch. Should a different Heil product present itself, I'd be interested. In fact, if I was into hi-fi audio over the amateur airwaves, I'd have a studio-quality Heil mic running through some outboard electronics. I'm not into that, but that's how I would go. Still thinking about it for podcasting and possible voiceover work. We'll see.

    If you want something more than a no-name computer headset, there's a variety of high-quality computer headsets that still come in well under Heil in terms of price. Look up Koss headsets. There's also a Yamaha headset - the CM-500 - which works as well as a Heil headset but costs a third as much. We use those at the KP2M contest station. The convenient thing about computer headsets is they've got electret elements, which mean they're perfect for Icom rigs.
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    Hi John
    Use a icm on my Pro lll get good reports Had a Goldline on 5.1 but radio was not happy so back to the icm. I have heard my audio recorded and it seems fine
    David M0TLX

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    I understand that more modern ICOMs don't require the ICM element. I, too, have an ICM headset for my IC-7000. It works great on my older IC-746, but on the 7000 it puts out way too much audio - I have to crank the mic gain almost all the way down, and even then, it could benefit from a pad. I suspect the IC-7200 would also not need the electret element. If you visit the Heil web page, it explains that the ICM is designed for "early" ICOMs that required much greater mic gain. Very early ICOMs had no mic amplifier in the radio at all.

    I've considered keeping the ICM unit for use with the 746 and getting a different non-ICM version for the 7000 and other newer ICOMs. But, I'm actually thinking about replacing both of those rigs next year, so I think I'll wait.
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