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Thread: 3 Element HF Beam 10/15/20 Meters

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    Default 3 Element HF Beam 10/15/20 Meters

    I have a tri-band HF beam antenna I believe to be 10,15,20 meters that I got after an auction when the winning bidder failed to remove it, I I wanted the tower.

    There is no name plate on it so I don't know the manufacturer.
    It has a 14 foot beam and 3 - 27 or 28 foot elements.
    There are 2 loading coils midway on each side of all elements.
    Don't know the age.
    It has been disassembled in to 4 pieces, 1 boom & 3 elements.
    The U-bolts were cut to disassemble and will need to be replaced.
    The elements are in tact, the clamps holding them together are in tact but very rusty, if you want them disassembled for transport it will be done by you (I will help if needed).

    There is also a vertical antenna approximately 30 feet tall that I know nothing about, and is in 2 sections.

    Local pick up only in Northwest Ohio
    North Baltimore, OH 45872

    I would like to get $200 for the pair, but want them to go to someone who will use them.

    Ron - KD8SFI

    remiklovic at yahoo dot com
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