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Thread: Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver

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    Default Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver

    Kenwood 430S HF Transceiver 1-30 MHz

    Have had this for 15 years and works great. Used once a year for ARRL Field Day for the last 15 years. Good physical condition (but not excellent) with a few scratches on the top and sides. These are shown in the photos. That’s the consequence of an ARRL Field Day radio. (Our new Field Day radio is a Yaesu FT897D). All fully functional. The relays may be due for a cleaning but it works fine for now. If you are not happy, just return it for a full refund but pay the shipping charges. Comes with the following:

    TS 430S - fully modified to transmit from 1.6-30 MHz
    Kenwood microphone which allows you to control the VFO from the mic.
    Original Owner’s manual –
    Service manual – photo copy - electronic copies are available on line
    Heavy duty Kenwood power cord.

    3 – filters included
    6KHz AM YK-88A – goes for about $100 on ebay
    2.2 KHz SSB YK-88S – goes for about $75 on ebay
    500Hz CW YK-88C – goes for about $100 on ebay

    SERIAL NUMBER: 3091217 – late serial number

    There is a rubber guard bump that fell off as seen in one of the pictures.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me – or call me at 408-245-8210

    $350 – complete package
    Shipping – 14 lbs. from Sunnyvale CA 94087 – you choose shipping method and pay actual shipping cost.

    Payment – personal check is fine.

    Thanks for looking

    Ed Fong - WB6IQN
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails radio_front.jpg   cord_mic.jpg  

    inside_filters.jpg   radio_back.jpg  

    radio_side.jpg   manual.jpg  

    service_manual.jpg   radio_top.jpg  

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