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Thread: Digital mode on 40 meter band?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WG7X View Post
    K0RGR... +10 Good answer. Also K4KYV +10

    But I still have a question for KK4JSJ: What is a "kilochicken" amp? Sounds messy to me.

    73 Gary
    A measurement of my own devising. For years I used the term 'Megachickens' in the computer world as a joke about how fast CPU speeds were...and now I use Kilochicken for kilowatts. You can probably cook a good sized bird on the heat some of these kilochicken amps put out.

    I had fun working QRP on the KX3 this weekend...but I'll probably buy the KX3 100 watt amp when it comes out as long as it doesn't weigh all that much for backpacking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by N5PAR View Post
    Ok, so this post can start its down hill spiral early here goes.

    This problem has to be the fault of ex CBers and freebanders who have become no code hams in the last year. I am also sure it is also the fault of the FCC not doing it own testing anymore and not making prospective amateurs drive or walk 10 miles up hill an a blizzard to take their exam at the FCC office. There, I think that just about covers it. and global warming!
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    now with true viterbi decoder!

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    When I'm there I'm on 7038, I don't leave there.
    Bryan, AC4BB
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    Didn't someone write to QST back in 1929, complaining about a similar issue on the bands?

    73 de Charles - KC8VWM
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