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Thread: Which Motorola Maxtrac model for 2 meters?

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    Default Which Motorola Maxtrac model for 2 meters?

    My latest endeavor is to obtain a Motorola Maxtrac for 2 meter operation. (I'm retired Motorola semiconductor engineer, so I just want something from the old company).
    I wasn't in the communication division, so don't know much about these.

    Which model is best to go after?


    Alan, W7EJT
    Myrtle Beach, SC

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    I have a couple that run an experimental repeater, model D43MJA7DA5CK. These are 45W, VHF models with 16 channels and a 16pin accessory port.

    There is some great info here: and here:


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    Alan -

    Decide how many channels you will want or need.

    Be sure to include a couple of simplex frequencies as well.

    I am in the process of acquiring some Maxtrac units for some of the guys in our club and have been looking for the 32 channel units.

    What you don't want, unless you are building a repeater are the two channel units.

    For the most part they all seem to be advertised to cover " 146 - 174 Mhz " but the ones we have had thus far have taken frequencies down about 145 Mhz.

    Don't be stuck on Maxtrac as there are some other models out there with even high power.

    The Maratrac is like a Maxtrac on steroids .... 100 Watt output and also a 10 Watt Audio Amp.

    Good writeup on Maratrac --->

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