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Thread: I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!

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    I would second finding a local club or a ham or two to be your elmer. They can go a long ways to helping you get your first rig and on the air effectively. It's a great opportunity to talk face to face in a good dialog about what you want to do in the hobby, or at least where you want to start out at.
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    I deleted several posts that were not responsive to the original question. WARNING TO THOSE POSTERS - Keep it up and you will lose your posting privileges. WHINING about it will not be tolerated either. That is the ONLY warning you will get about that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WH2HAO View Post
    Just don't get an Icom 7000. I can not even give mine away...
    I have 2 of them. Nothing wrong with mine and they're not for sale.
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