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Thread: Lasers and the Amateur Radio Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by KF5NZF View Post
    Our licenses authorize for all frequencies above 275 GHz, and both infrared and visible light fall into that category, don't they?
    Does it really "authorize" above 275 GHz or is it more a matter of "we don't care, that's out of our hands (bands)"?

    So long as you're not doing something dangerous like pointing at aircraft or your neighbor's windows then I think anyone is permitted to do these light beam experiments.

    Most of the activities seem to be hams so they probably use ham callsigns but I don't think they have to.

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    Back before they changed the contest rules, you could use 'visual detection' for light QSO's and we tried this several times between mountaintops in the Bay Area. We made it work once over the Silicon Valley, and tried it between our hilltop in the South Bay and one in Petaluma - we could see big lights up there, but not the one doing the Morse Code. I always wanted to try that with a laser and electronic detection that could pick out the laser from all the background lights.
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    Sorry, just couldn't resist.

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