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Thread: CW during the VHF-SSB contest

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    I've found that FM can be pretty useless from home, but it is an entirely different story from a good mountaintop location. Even in the crowded East coast, there aren't that many hams who get on to work, if you are limited to the typical town or two bordered by hills.

    Zack W1VT

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    I don't know about operating CW below 144.1. I know it is FOR CW only, but I never hear anything but odd noises down there. I work a lot of CW just below 144.2 As for six, I ONLY work CW. Usually below 50.1. I have tried digital on six, but to no avail, as of yet......

    What's a 'contest'?
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    I heard this numerous times on 50.125 last weekend. Band conditions were not good.

    Quote Originally Posted by N3AWS View Post
    It's not at all uncommon on 6 to switch from SSB to CW to complete a QSO when the band begins to drop out. Or if someone weak is calling you.

    I have lost count of how many QSO's I completed on my 706 MKIIG using the up/down buttons on the hand mic to generate the code.

    73, Jim N3AWS
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