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Thread: Your favorite mode you like talking on

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    You mean looked
    You've obviously not spent much time in my head. Don't you sorta "hear" it when you read it?
    Kinda like the radio, I hardly ever hear, but see, and still say (oh, TYPE) to folks "glad to hear you on the waterfall".

    I don't like it on 31m either, or 25m, etc. Those bands are already overcrowded.
    I've seen plenty of AM signals wider than the 10k bandwidth DRM takes up. Granted, you hear it great or not at all, much like the digital cliff of DSTAR, P25, etc.

    The difference between HF analog voice and digital is pretty substantial. Plus all the programing info, news clips, etc. that come right along with it. Not the best sample, but a recent one:

    Some of ya'all out there might get a warm fuzzy feeling when you heard static, QSB, etc.... perhaps you even still own a few vinyl records. I'm not the nostalgic-type or care about bandwidth use as long as it doesn't interfere (reasonably).

    In spite of crowded spots, there's still a whole lot of empty space when I spin the dial. (and not just at my location, which, with a 3-ft antenna I could understand if I don't hear everyone!) I don't think, particularly hams, have lost anything because of it.

    I forgot to add Pactor 2, 3 and 4 to my wish-list above. Although I can't imagine spending that kind of money for 1 or 2 modes. Maybe if I buy a yacht and need to annoy other modes while I check email.
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    vy 73, de frank, k2ncc

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    Quote Originally Posted by KB4MNG View Post
    cw only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then you're missing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kinda like how Data mentioned the logical belief system of the Vulcans has it's value, but seems so... limited.

    Somethings I wonder if people stick to the One-and-Only-Mode mindset because they enjoy the feeling more than the mode.
    vy 73, de frank, k2ncc

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    CW always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ4VTH View Post
    I'm going to the next fashion show to see if I can 'Work All Models'.
    Meet Contestia, Olivia and Throb.

    vy 73, de frank, k2ncc

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    Quote Originally Posted by N4AJZ View Post
    CW always.
    If you've already mastered one mode, exercise your brain in new areas with new modes. You might find you really like them. Many who've visited my shack, never having used digital modes themselves, OFTEN run right home and start because it's so impressive.

    Mostly thanks to the work of people a whole lot smarter than me. And I'm pretty damn smart!
    vy 73, de frank, k2ncc

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    CW for several thousand contacts a year, rare contacts with SSB or FM.
    Be sure to listen for my beacon on 28.278.8 MHz

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    Quote Originally Posted by W7UUU View Post

    [Posted by KC9UDX AM.]

    Curious what band... pretty dead mode outside of 75m
    Listen on or near these frequencies.

    160: 1880-1890, 1985
    40: 7160, 7290-95
    10: 29000-29200
    Hard Core AM since 1959

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    Olivia, because it can dig out signals at or below the noise floor and is not bothered too much by fading. Signals that I can't even hear in the headphones are often 100% copy. I avoid PSK31 like the plague because most people using it are nothing but macro jockeys.
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    Order of use

    SSB UHF-160m

    Simplex VHF 6/2m

    FM 2m for D-Star and 6m repeater for DX tip off net.

    RTTY/PSK31 10-160m

    JT modes for 2m and JT65HF and now for the low bands JT9 a really great program for 80/160m.

    The JT modes have out paced a lot other modes for weak signal like CW when I was once used for it the most, as being able to copy them so far below the noise floor no one can hear them with a human ear for sure in the JT modes. The digital modes are growing and the ops using them increases every day by huge numbers far out pacing new CW ops it seems. I look for there to be an increased amount of bandwidth given to the digital modes as the numbers grow it's getting very crowded in the bandwidth they now have.
    73 de Fred N0AZZ


    The License is Only Your Starting Point in Radio!
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    DX the thrill of the chase

    ""D-STAR making use of the 2/ 440m repeaters for real world Digital Voice usage around town and around the world""

    " Not one of us can do what all of us can do " ** Max Lucado

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