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Thread: ALL YA'LL MAY THINK I'M "NUTS": 1986 Transceiver for Antique Mercedes W-126.

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    U know U are getting OLD when you hear 1985 referred to as the OLD DAYS! I remember the 1960s, and the Beatles. 1970s and ABBA! The Howdy Doody Show. Gong Show and Laugh in. 1985 is famous for a really great movie BACK TO THE FUTURE! Times BEFORE Computer-simulated reality.

    Some of our QRZeders remember back to WW2 and the Korean war!
    I love my cats!

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    Since you & another operator mentioned "CB", the ONLY citizen's band radio that I'd give my eyeteeth to have back is the TEXAS RESEARCH ENGINEERING "Class A" rig that my dad bought me for Christmas in 1960.
    (For those of you that aren't old enough to rmember "Class A CB", that was what is now called "GMRS" & in those "long-ago DAZE", at least in NE Texas, almost every operator on "Class A" was a lawman, ER physician, firefighter or game warden. = I was a "RED HOT 14YO" & a LICENSED Fire Engine Operator from 1960 to 1965, when I went away to college.)

    TO those of you who think that the USA hasn't changed a LOT since 1961: Can you imagine ANY city/county government, anywhere, today "turning loose" a "wet behind the ears" High School kid with a 10-ton+ Fire Engine? ====> "MY Engine" was called "County 59". - It was an 1930s (CHAIN DRIVE) AMERICAN LAFRANCE pumper & I drove it (WAY TOO FAST) many a mile, with red lights blazing & the siren/bells "going full blast".
    (FWIW, in the 1960s, just about all of us kids "carried guns to school" & the ISD "gave us off early" to got hunting. - The HS principal's secretary was "in charge of" checking guns in and out for students, so that they wouldn't get stolen out of cars & trucks in the parking lot! = There was NO "Zero Tolerence Policy", then!)

    In those days/DAZE, about HALF of the TCVFD was UNDER 17YO & looking back it seems like we spent more time out fighting forest & house fires than we did going to High School. - I remember one time that we were "out on a forest fire" for over 72 hours & our folks brought us food, that we quickly "choked down" & promptly "went back on the fireline." =
    ====> GOOD MEMORIES of my mis-spent youth!

    73 de K3CSA/tex
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    To ALL,

    Speaking of BIG radios, that all-tube TRE Model K1, Class A CB, weighed about 20-25 pounds & took up ALL the under-dash spece on my Rambler! - My HS GF (LindaSue) spent all her time "skinning her knees" on it getting in/out of the car or "sliding over" to sit next to me!
    (I never got my "letter sweater" back from her either! = CHUCKLE!)


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    To ALL of my fellow hams,

    THANKS for your recommendations!
    yours, K3CSA

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