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Thread: Open-Hardware Licensed Handheld Software-Defined Radio In the Works

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    Default Open-Hardware Licensed Handheld Software-Defined Radio In the Works

    I saw this over at and thought I would pass it along.
    It would be really nice to have a receiver with this coverage and with the capabilities to transmit on 2 220 and 440. We will have to see what happens with this project....

    Open-Hardware Licensed Handheld Software-Defined Radio In the Works

    An anonymous reader writes
    "Chris Testa recently presented at TAPR Digital Communications Conference and annouced his development work on a hand-held software defined radio. Running uClinux on an ARM Corex-M3 coupled to a Flash-based FPGA, it will be capable of receiving and transmitting from 100MHz to 1GHz. Designed to be low power, Chris has designed the radio primarily with the Amateur 2m and 70cm bands in mind. Currently in early prototyping stage, Chris intends to release the design under the TAPR Open Hardware License."

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    Open-Hardware is a lot different then an open-software deal. Anyway, always happy to have another hat thrown in the ring with different approaches and fresh ideas.
    Have fun

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    I am surprised that someone has not Hacked the old Wireless Routers and used them for more purpose.

    I was impressed with the Realtek 2832U / E4000 Hack. For $20.00 it makes a good receiver when you connect a real antenna to it.

    I don't see many building their own hardware, Most of the parts are just to small to work with for most people.
    A kit would be nice, just add the enclosure.
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    I've only watched about a third of the video so far and it looks promising. I think it will be fun to follow Chris' progress.
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