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Thread: old time Amateur Radio contest...with prize money

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    Default old time Amateur Radio contest...with prize money

    Looking through an old copy of a Washington newspaper from 1920 describes a contest for Amateur Radio Operators.....

    Interesting reading....where the contest logs must include pictures of the shack as well as a 200 word narrative about Amateur Radio.
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    That's pretty cool! I'm sure there were folks complaining about them hogging the bands then too, right?

    We complain about getting LoTW set up - these folks had to have a witness and then get each QSO verified by a notary!

    I notice the judges include Alexander Graham Bell, Gilbert Grosvenor, and Lee de Forrest.

    Thanks for sharing this. One could spend quite some time reading the many other old articles on that site about amateur radio.

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    They had to write an essay and include photo's of their radio shacks and the winners who had their essays published in the newspaper were paid a fee

    Mel G0GQK

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