Episodes 38, 39 and 40 from the ARRL/TAPR DCC

Episode 38: An Open-Source APRS-IS Server
Running on Raspberry Pi, no less! APRS-IS is the network that shuttles all that APRS data
around the world. The results show up on web sites like www.aprs.fi. In this talk, aprs.fi's
Hessu Hannikainen OH7LZB digs into the stuff that makes APRS-IS run. And yes, he has
one of the servers running on a little Raspberry Pi.

Episode 39: YAAC - Yet Another APRS Client
Andrew KA2DDO titled his talk as if there were too many APRS clients, and maybe there are.
But his list of
features and functions in this multi-platform program has Bob Bruninga smiling.
Bob makes a guest appearance at the end of the episode. If you use APRS and have been
hunting for a better interface, here's a rare opportunity to learn about a good new one, in depth,
from the guy who wrote it.


Episode 40: APRS.fi - Behind the Curtains
If you're into APRS at all, odds are you've spent a fair amount of time on the APRS.fi web site.
Odds also are that you've missed a lot of the features and functions of the site! And unless you've
already watched Episode 38, you have no idea who and what is behind this amazing web site.
So meet
Hessu Hannikainen OH7LZB and get to know this resource a lot better.

The ARRL/TAPR DCCis an annual, three-day conference featuring presentations on a variety of
technical and operational aspects of Amateur Radio. This year's DCC, held in Atlanta last
September, had 16 of the 45-minute main presentations, the usual Saturday banquet talk,
and a four-hour "deep dive" into GNU radio on Sunday.
HamRadioNow videotaped all the talks,
and we are now releasing them on-line. We'll continue with one or two a week until
you have them all.

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