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Thread: SGC 239 Auto Antenna Tuner

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    Default SGC 239 Auto Antenna Tuner

    I have an SGC 239 auto tuner is excellent condition. Tuner range is 1.8 to 30 mHz and a max power rating of 200 watts. Input voltage, nominal is 12.6 volts. I have used this tuner with shortened OCF dipoles, verticals and long wire antennas. Tuning is automatic as soon as the transmitter is engaged, tuning time is usually less than 3 seconds after the initial learning cycle for the attached antenna. I have recently moved my QTH and no longer need this tuner. Included is what you see, manual, tuner and attached coax input feeder. Dipoles can be feed with ladder line or coax. Any questions please send an email to my ARRL address. Free UPS shipping in the continental U.S. Payment via Paypal preferred. $160.00 USD
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    73 - Jay

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