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Thread: Kenwood ts-440sat transmit audio distortion problem

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    Default Kenwood ts-440sat transmit audio distortion problem

    Subject: Kenwood ts-440sat transmit audio distorted


    I am asking for your help with a transmitting audio problem I am having on my ts-440 sat.

    The audio has gone south and can no longer be used in it's present condition. The radio's transmit audio sounds horrible when he gets on the air.

    The "transmitted" audio sounds like clipping, distorted, hashy, garbled, on SSB, NOT intelligible, but NO problem on CW was found.

    I checked and eliminated the following problem possibilities.
    It is not a RF, mic, alc, ground, antenna, overdrive, swr, or any other type problem. It seems to be inside the audio section of the radio.

    If it is inside the radio, can you give me an idea how I might repair it or is it simply a factory repair.

    I thank you in advance for your time and help.

    God Bless America,
    P.S. Several years ago I had the gunk cleaned out so the display would stop blinking; this is the first problem since.

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    Do you have a second receiver to listen with so you can hear what it actually sounds like, and will know if a "fix" worked or not (or is a step in the right direction)?
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    What band, antenna, and mode?
    Clif Holland KA5IPF

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    I am curious, Are you seeing this issues while in am mode for testing purposes? I am having a similar issue with my ts430s.

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