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Thread: Somebody Want to Explain This?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AD7N View Post
    Roasting their nuts for a few laughs? I'd bet $0.00 they give a fat rip if they splatter across other CB'rs or into 10M....
    As long as what goes on on 11M stays on 11M, we couldn't care less. Move onto our turf, then, as it was so elequently stated by that great philosopher, Bugs Bunny, "Ehhhh...of course, you realize...THIS MEANS WAR!!"

    As for an explanation, it's simple: ZGV is trying to commit suicide by moderator. I predict banishment to the Island is imminent...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KB3ZGV View Post
    I was expecting that to happen here.

    So what is the goal of this? How do they "score" or win or whatever it is. Is someone off in the distance with a field strength meter or something?
    Well, the "Fatboy" part of the video was right on the money. I didn't see anyone under 200 lbs in the entire clip...

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    I'll explain it.

    It's a moronic topic.

    DXCC barefoot

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