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Thread: k3 vs others

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2E0WBK View Post
    Why is it every k3 owner slags of 590s.You go through the forums and all you see is this.I wonder is it because they are a little worried that these radios just might be as good as the K3 and alike.I have sat in front of a k3 590 and ft950 in my shack and k3 and 590 walked all over Yaesu's offering but not a lot between k3 and 590.
    Could you unpack "walked all over Yaesu's offering" just a bit? Were there lots of stations you could hear on the 590s, but not on the 950? If so, that's a surprising (shocking, even) result.

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    I prefer ergonomics like a few knobs and butons, not a dozen menues that require paging thru the manual to operate. The newest bells and whistles are not my cup of tea.
    Simple and functional rigs for me.
    Old School Hamming.
    I like a radio that is not a computer with some RF circuits added as an afterthought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KB4MNG View Post
    I struggled with the same question. After reading around the web I thought the k3 was king of the hill far as the receiver. The more I started looking, it really was'nt the raw performance, it has little things that hams love. From what I gather now, yeah, it may have the best receiver on the market but it's marginal. Especially if you have a lackluster antenna......
    I like the idea of NOT getting a hernia, lifting/transporting my K3, vs a 50lb Yaesu behemoth!

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    I'm coming to believe that there's not all that much difference, operationally, between any of the top-tier radios today. IMHO, it comes down to personal preferences on things like menus vs. buttons, portable vs. base operation equipment. I prefer knobs and switches to menus, and have a radio for field operation, so my base does not do double duty. I also have a lot of room for hardware, so physical size matters little to me for some rigs.

    Others value small footprint and lightweight - nothing wrong with that. To buy one vs. the other just on the raw performance numbers seems to me the wrong way to approach it, but that's just me.
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    I think the K3 has a bit of a cult following, because it really is different. For one thing, it's a kit! For another, they have a large, active on-line support group as well as very good "factory" customer service, possibly better than anyone else's.

    Elecraft's done a great job.
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    I'd say they are both fine rigs. The K3 out-performs the Kenwood, but the degree of difference probably wouldn't be noticable to the average ham in most circumstances.

    The 590 probably provides the best bang for the buck available today. I wouldsuggest, though, that anyone looking at the 590 also consider the Ten Tec Eagle.


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