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Thread: Holiday Fl 640 2 meter repeater, what happened?

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    Default Holiday Fl 640 2 meter repeater, what happened?

    Good morning all,

    I've been traveling for a while and now that I'm home, it's time to fire up the radios. One of my presets, the Holiday Florida 2 meter repeater on .640 is silent. I've been told it's been quiet since the beginning of October. What happened, and where did everyone go?

    Another repeater?


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    That's a great question! I live in the area and noticed this too. Wish I knew the answer. Please post it if you find out! The N9EE machine was always a propagation reference and rig check for me, especially with its EchoLink.

    Meanwhile, next time you are in the area, there is always the "Big Stick" from Manatee county on 145.43, which is very active too.

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    FYI - The Holiday repeater has a Yahoo Group "64repeatergroup". I joined it and read that back in the end of September it was shut down because of a request from the tower owner, Clear Channel Communications, allegedly due to some as yet fully explained issue involving a long known jammer and enemy of the repeater operation. Apparently there are efforts to resolve that issue and/or find a new tower or location, to restore and/or move the repeater.

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