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Thread: EPC PSK63 QSO Party

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    Default EPC PSK63 QSO Party

    Date and Time
    Starting time is at 00:00 UTC, and ending time is at 24:00 UTC on Sunday 18 November, 2012.
    The European PSK Club has the honour to invite the radio amateurs all over the world to participate in the EPC PSK63 QSO Party. The objective of the competition is to establish as many contacts as possible between radio amateurs around the world by using the BPSK63 mode. Everybody can work everybody for QSO and multiplier credit. MixW statistics files by R3BB for PSK63 QSO Party: (last update 30.10.2012).
    EPC members should send signal report plus EPC membership number (example – 599 EPC00001). Please make sure that you don't separate «EPC» from the «Number», and you don't use any characters between. Please make sure that your EPC number consists of 5 digits. Other stations should send signal report plus QSO number, starting 001 (example – 599 001).

    EPC PSK63 QSO Party: RULES

    Welcome in European PSK Club:

    EPC Member Center:

    Join EPC ur call:

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    JUST GRAND...k3lfc will attend! Happy holidays to new hamsss.

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