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Thread: So what is it with eBay sellers and QSL cards these days?

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    The only QSL cards that I have that were not mailed to me were a few I got for christmas - it's almost impossible to find quality prints of old radio stations, but some QSL cards had decent photos - I've got a couple of really old school station cards framed on the wall for the station pics.

    There is a book, I think called Hello World, that is a collection of photos of QSL cards from one amateurs collection - it's a nice book of history.

    Personally, I hate to see QSL cards pitched without being sorted for the 'better' stuff - which in my eyes would be at least one from every country/state/county, plus any card that was of visual interest - either a unique design, a really terrific picture, a special contact, etc.

    I don't have nearly that many cards yet, but I'm slowly working on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WA6MHZ View Post
    VERY VERY Few people in the world have an official WA6MHZ QSL Card.
    Like most of us hams in CA and the US in general, probably VERY VERY Few people in the world would WANT an official WA6MHZ QSL Card.
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    I can't see wanting to acquire other people's QSL cards, but I would never, ever part with mine....not with any of them.

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