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Thread: WS4FSM hosts the largest school contact ever with the ISS

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    Default WS4FSM hosts the largest school contact ever with the ISS

    Next Tuesday, Oct 30th, at 11:58AM EDT (15:58UTC) most of Palm Beach County's 187,000 students will be watching live as 10 students and 2 teachers make contact with the International Space Station. The contact will be from the Motorola theater at the South Florida Science Museum ( where WS4FSM ( is part of a permanent Ham Radio Center exhibit built and maintained by the West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group ( Both a tower mounted tracking antenna and a mast mounted Eggbeater have been loaned to the club by area Hams for making this contact. Since the best pass ARISS/NASA could provide is only a 32 degree elevation it will be technically challenging.

    The event will be televised live by closed circuit TV beginning about 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC) to classrooms in all the county schools and streamed on the web at to parents at home as well as on the Schools educational channel and Comcast Cable in South Florida. The final audience is expected to be over 250,000 live viewers. (It would have been really nice to have a better pass!)

    The students were selected from the entire school district, including private and home schooler's, and entered by submitting an essay about their interest in space exploration. Tens of thousands of essays were read and sorted by the committee which included educators, astronomers, scientists, former astronauts, and Ham Radio operators. The event is being co-sponsored by the Palm Beach Post who ran a series of articles and published the winning essays.

    An educational DVD will be produced for use in the school system at other times and selected portions will be available on YouTube from the West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group.

    If you view this online let us know by using one of our many links.


    Tom Loughney
    President, West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group Inc.

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    i will listen here in new england....good luck..I wonder if iss will give a report on ----sandy...... bob kb1swz

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    Good luck to the students and the local Hams...(formerly from Palm Beach Gardens) KD4QHG

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    wow this is prety cool. to talk to the crew of th iss is a treat for everyone.

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    Good Luck to all involved with this endeavor. I will be listening!

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