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Thread: Kenwood ts-830s trouble

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    Default Kenwood ts-830s trouble

    I have a Kenwood TS-830S, when I'm transmitting on 10 meters and key down more than 30 seconds the transmit and receive shuts down, after 5 or 10 seconds it returns, no swr problems. Transmitting on a Alpha Delta inverted V, does anyone know what the problem might be?


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    Could be a problem with the radio, could be RFI into radio, could be RFI into the power supply, could be a bad power supply, etc. Not enough information regarding the symptoms for an educated guess.

    Does it happen only on 10 meters, or does the problem occur on other bands as well? Does transmitter power level setting have any effect on the problem (i.e. 100W vs 10W)? Does it happen when transmitting into a dummy load?


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    Just don't talk for more than 30 seconds!!! Sorry, couldn't resist. Yup you need a dummy load and all amateur stations need one as much as they need an antenna. If it still does this on a dummy load then you may have a power supply problem but I would expect it to have that problem on all bands, not just 10 meters. Sounds like you have a common mode problem but we'll wait until you get back to us with the results of the dummy load tests.

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    Thanks for the reply. I should have worded the post a little differently. When on 10 meters and making a contact with another station, when I key the microphone more than 30 seconds in a conversation the audio and receive shuts down. The radio is tuned properly, and does this on all bands in a dummy load. The lamps do not go out and the radio comes back on after 5 or 10 seconds. It doesn't matter if I'm running 100 watts or 10 watts, it still does it. Any advise anyone can give me on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, 73's
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    Pat: A little clarification on "the audio shuts down". Do you mean it stops modulating? Are you saying that you have the mic PTT keyed and you are speaking into the mic and after approx 30 sec key down you no longer see the wattmeter kick up when speaking in the mic? Also, when you release the PTT the receive audio in the speaker is slow to return to normal level?

    If so, you may have a bad/dirty contact in relay RL-1 on the Audio board. RL-1 is a 4PDT relay that is the source of many intermittent problems.

    If you are comfortable working inside a hybrid radio remove the covers and set rig on its side so you can access RL-1 ( clear plastic cover Omron relay on Audio board on bottom side of rig). Be very careful around HV filter caps and HV rectifier board as there are exposed lethal voltages here. You may be able to confirm RL-1 is the culprit by performing a "tap test". Key the mic and modulate the rig and when you note wattmeter not kicking up gently tap on the clear case of RL-1 with an insulated tool. See if modulation returns. If not unkey mic and gently tap on case while listening for audio to return in the speaker. Make sure you have the RF gain full CW and AF gain to comfortable listening level. This test doesnt always work and you may need to monitor some key voltages (Transmit and Receive bias levels) at audio board molex connectors to confirm RL-1 is the problem.

    If tapping on RL-1 restores normal transmit and receive then I recommend replacing it and not attempting to clean the contacts. Contacts and leafs are delicate and cleaning is not easy or a long term fix. RL-1 is available from several sources and can be replaced by folding the Audio board back for access to the foil side of the board. Terry K9TW

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    Thanks for the reply Terry. That is exactly what I am talking about.

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    I will try the" tap test" and post the results. Thanks for the information Terry it is greatly appreciated.

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    I did the "tap test" the transmit and receive comes back to normal temporarily, Terry do you know where I can purchase an RL-1?
    Thanks to everyone for your advice.

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    Pat -

    IF you are referring to Kenwood Part# S51-4401-05 ,
    that controls / switches final bias, RIT, XIT, exciter gain --

    Ken, K4EAA sells that RL-1 relay for $20 USD
    Nullius in verba

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