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Thread: Controlling your Yaesu FT-857D using CAT commands and an Arduino

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    Talking Controlling your Yaesu FT-857D using CAT commands and an Arduino

    Hi all,

    After many hours of work, I am ready to release my FT-857D CAT control library for the Arduino IDE.

    This library allows the user to control various functions of the radio via serial connection and the CAT control (computer aided transceiver) protocol.
    I looked extensively for a library, or even an example sketch which could help me get started but came up empty. I then decided to tackle this challenge and provide a library to encourage other hams to interface their Arduino to their Yaesu (or other) radios.

    Please visit my website to download the library, or for additional information (including command structure):

    What this allows is for unprecedented control of your radio using a very simple micro-controller. You could have your radio tune in to a specific frequency and change to FM mode for example, or you could run an automatic beacon station which is able to be controlled remotely without the need for a far-end computer! There are TONS of projects just waiting .. and now, this library should make the work a little less daunting!

    I hope you enjoy!

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    Nice job. I have recently started to play with the Arduino. Your library should make it easy to interface with my FT897D which I think uses the same command structure. It is pretty neat to be able to use the standard Arduino I/O to interface directly with the CAT interface.

    I am currently going through the Arduino Cookbook to gain some experience with the Arduino board. I have bought a couple of shields (I2C LCD and Ethernet) which are helping me get my feet wet. I combined the I2C and a Temperature sensor and programmed a quick and dirty digital thermometer; which was pretty cool.

    I'm looking forward to digging into your library.


    Fred, KC9QQ
    Fred, KC9QQ
    Martinsville, Indiana

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    Good job - I'll be looking at that for a project. Just have to learn how to change to ICOM CAT control. Doesn't Yaesu and ICOM use totally different protocols? Those Arduino's are neat - I tend to build my projects with the m168 chip as the uC in PCB layout for each project, most with LCD displays plugged in.

    73 de Ken H>

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