for sale: Archie's Ham Radio Adventures $4/each or $30 all 9 books

I have 9 of these comics. They are brand new comics from 1986. They are left over from my late father's estate(W7BUN) and all proceeds will go to my mom. I am asking $4/ each or $30 all. First come, first pick of books. They are all in mint condition, even with the original mailer inside.

This is a scarce promotional Comic book format idea created in 1986 as a joint project of the Amateur Radio industry and the American Radio Relay League, - aka The ARRL. It was published by the people behind the popular Archie Comic series people for the purpose of interesting youngsters in Ham Radio.

This was a promotional comic published during a revival of ham radio interest of the mid-1980's. Goldberg art. Includes a chart on the back for the use of the Morse code. Standard comic format, no cover price.
A crossover collectible: Archie Comic book / Amateur Ham Radio
A great addition to either collections!