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Thread: Suggestions for new 440 Mhz Vertical Omni.

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    Default Suggestions for new 440 Mhz Vertical Omni.

    --Hi, all. I am wanting to have 440 FM capabilities at my home, and I am in need of a good quality, high-gain vertical omni antenna. The antenna I use for 2 meter FM is the Hustler G7-144, and it has performed better than any other 2 meter vertical I have used. I was hoping Hustler made a G7-440, but they don't. However, they make a G6-440. For the people that have used this antenna and compared them to other mono band 440 verticals, what is your opinion of the G6-440? Are there better made, higher gain amateur antennas out there? I should say that I am not looking for the really expensive brands like Decibel, Sinclair, etc., but mainly "amateur grade" antennas/price range. Thanks for any help.

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    The G6-440 is a very good antenna, I've used them a lot.

    Of course a used Stationmaster (now RFS, previously Celwave, and before that Phelps-Dodge -- but it's all the same antenna) is better, as well as a bit larger and heavier.

    The 440 MHz 4-dipole arrays (and also available as 8-dipole and 16-dipole arrays, if you have the vertical space) are excellent.
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    My suggestion is use the antenna handbook. The dimensions for 440 antennas are nice and small making them a great learning tool.

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    I agree with WIK array's are awesome on this band for FM stuff
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