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Thread: My QRZ page: How much is too much?

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    Default My QRZ page: How much is too much?

    I have been adding to my QRZ page over time, a bit of text here and a photo there, as I acquire new gear or get involved in new projects. Consequently my page contains more information than most and I want to be sure that I'm not being a "storage hog". How much information and photos can we reasonably put on our QRZ pages?



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    here is no limit to add text or images to personal page.
    But please note that your page must good view to any visitors level, i.e. in any browsers/system and any Internet speed traffic.
    For example you was upload an images with large size the file QRSS_beacon_1.JPG with Size:64206 bytes (62.70 kb) 800 x 600pix and then re-size it by HTML code to 400x300pix.
    Really it was 62kB traffic and large size. Much better re-size it before to 400x300pix anf then upload it. In this case your page will work better and faster.
    And you have all pictures with same style and total you will lost a 1 or 2 mB of traffic.

    you can download my book about customize persaonal pages in QRZ (download free from my QRZ page) and read how is better design your own page with new project
    73, Vlad - W7/UA6JD

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    Thanks Vlad. That's very helpful.

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