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Thread: Shure 97U29 / S-36

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    Default Shure 97U29 / S-36

    I think I asked this before but I'm not sure so bear with me. Thanks. This is a desk mic that was on a Motorola business band rig back in the 70's. I belive the 97U29 is the model number and the S-36 is the stand. What I want to know is what the inpedance is and is it dynamic, electret or what? If it's a decent mic I might try it on my Kenwood hybrids. Thanks again, and I believe I have at least one electro-voice 638 I may sell if the price is right. Make me an offer! Richard

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    Yes, you asked this question on April 15, 2012 at Boatanchor forum

    The 1950s era model 97u29 refers to the Shure 510MD Hercules and S36 stand which were sold as
    the Fixed-Station Dispatcher microphone to many LMR mfg (GE, RCA, Motorola, etc.).

    Shure 410 and 510 series -- Manual
    Shure 510MD series -- Manual

    Shure made this Style in TWO versions,
    a MID-Z, 4,000 ohm (Rudak), Controlled Reluctance element and

    a HIGH-Z 100,000 ohm (Hercules), Controlled Magnetic element.

    Current Shure classic designs (in production)

    This microphone can be found on many web sites.

    PHOTOGRAPHS are more useful in positive ID of OEM microphones.
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    Thanks Greg, I thought I had asked before but the short term is gone if you know what I mean!!HIHI Thanks for the info. The mic was in a box when I got it. It's in real nice shape so I thought I'd look for a use for it. Thanks again es 73 Richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by KM5WX
    The mic was in a box when I got it. It's in real nice shape so I thought I'd look for a use for it.
    It would be a nice microphone for that Vintage look of a 1950s amateur radio station.
    Now you need that classic Boatanchor to pair with it !
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    Well I have a Drake RV-4c with the rv-4 remote vfo. The ms-4 speaker and matching power supply. Or several Kenwood hybrid rigs. Which do you suggest. Oh I just noticed it's low impedance. What will happen if I try it. no work or work poorly? Thanks again Richard KM5WX

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    I just noticed it's low impedance.
    Did you actually look at the internal Shure sticker on the microphone element,
    to see which one is installed?

    IF it is a low impedance mic element, What will happen if I try it?
    No work or work poorly?
    Whether the electromagnetic wave is 60 Hz power frequency; audio/music (200-20,000 Hz) or
    Radio Frequency (RF) ... it is just a matter of "impedance matching" !!

    For audio, you use audio transformers. Heil sells he XT-1 for this purpose.
    Mouser has catalog pages on various models.
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