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Thread: Road trip New Jersey to Williamsburg, VA

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    Default Road trip New Jersey to Williamsburg, VA

    Hello Everyone,

    I am planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA from New Jersey. Most of the ride will be on I-95. I was wondering what would be some good repeaters for 2 meters. Also, what are some good simplex frequencies? I could use a repeater directory, but often the repeaters listed are defunct or inactive, in my experience. I'm hoping to get some input from some of you folks on good repeaters to use. Also, any good 2 meter/440 repeaters in the Williamsburg area. I will be taking my HT with me. I may also keep the 440 mobile in the car, but I may remove to minimize losses should the car get broken into. (you can never be too careful)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Here is a list of the repeaters I use in Maryland, if they help. let me know. I hang out on the bolded one.
    145.490 -0.600 W3EAX University of Maryland College Park
    146.880 -0.600 W3GMR_1 Green Mountain Repeater Association-MD
    147.105 0.600 107.2 W3VPR Ann Arundel RC-MD
    146.760 -0.600 107.2 WA3DZD
    145.230 -0.600 110.9 WC3MAR
    147.225 0.600 WB3GXW
    147.045 0.600 K3VOA VOA-Washington-DC
    146.610 -0.600 K3GMR Green Mountain Repeater Association-MD
    145.430 -0.600 WA3DVO
    146.625 -0.600 107.2 W4AVA_1 Arlington VA-R
    147.000 -0.600 K3WX Ashton Repeater-MD
    145.170 -0.600 107.2 W4AVA_2 Arlington VA-R
    147.150 0.600 114.8 W3SMR
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    A much nicer ride would be 301 from just south of
    the Delware bridge turns into 301/50 to Bowie
    and then 301 south through Maryland and into
    Virgina putting you on 95 south of Fredricksburg.

    If you choose that route the 147.105 mach mentioned
    above would do well from 301 on the eastern shore through
    Bowie and into Upper Marlboro
    The 146.985 (K3CAL) will cover
    from Bowie through Waldorf. There is also 147.150
    in Brandywine Md and 147.350 in Prince Fredrick
    both would do well through Southern Maryland.

    Enjoy your trip
    Lots of things to do in Williamsburg


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    Along I-95 in Northern Virginia, you should be able to easily get into the following active repeaters:

    K4US 146.655 pl 141.3 Alexandria, VA
    NV4FM 146.790 Fairfax, VA
    W4IY 147.240 pl 107.2 Woodbridge, VA
    K4TS 147.015 pl 146.2 Fredericksburg, VA

    Most of the activity is around morning and evening rush hours.

    Not much happens on simplex around here but occassionally can pick up a contact on 146.520 and plus or minus 15 kHz increments from there.

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    I was wondering how a 9-call knew these things then I looked you up on QRZ. Howdy "neighbor".
    Another popular repeater is 147.300 though it's closer to I-81 and may be a stretch from I-95

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    There's a big 76 machine in Wmsbg proper, that you can hit starting at Richmond headed east on 64 if that's the way you choose.

    Coverage all the way to Virginia Beach if you've got some power.

    Carrier squelch.

    Secondary Wmsbg machine is 147.105, sometimes wtih PL if there's some ducting from up north

    Call George, K2QIJ when you hit town. He's a NJ transplant to Wmsbg and always monitoring.
    Paul, WA3VJB
    [B]Enjoying wholesome AM on shortwave hobby radio.[/B]

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    Thanks for the tips, folks! I will be programming the rigs this weekend. What do you mean by a 76 machine?

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