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Thread: FTDX-9000D External Display Moniter Setup.

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    Default FTDX-9000D External Display Moniter Setup.

    I have a FTDX-9000D and I have a 20" LED moniter I am trying to setup as an external display fo easier viewing. I connected it to the display jack on the back of the radio with the cable provided with the moniter. I get a message on the moniter saying that it does not have an input signal and is going into sleep mode. I've looked all thru the radio manual looking to see if that feature needs to be turned on in the menu and also scrolled all of the menus and can find nothing about it. Anybody have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or not doing right? I have the moniter input set to auto select but have also tried each of the indivual input settings as well.
    Thanks for your help.
    Darrell W9WO

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    Looking through the manual, I couldn't find anything that indicates you have to enable it with a menu. Nothing in the display menu group about it that I saw. Nothing much in the DMU manual either other than how to work with it. A bunch of "before using external monitor" but it seems to be a plug and play thing.
    I would check the connector on the monitor cable maybe not making good contact for some reason.
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