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Thread: HAGENUK Band Pass Filter and PA protection

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    Post HAGENUK Band Pass Filter and PA protection

    I read this QRZ question about the Hagenuk 500 HF Amplifier

    I have the Bandpass Filter and PA protection removed from Hagenuk HF equipment,
    that I acquired several years ago.

    I am looking for a manual or circuit diagrams (schematics) in order to use or adapt
    these parts for a DIY Build project.

    I have sent inquiries to other amateurs, that have Hagenuk radios, but they have not yet replied.
    If you can help, I would appreciate it.

    all the best
    73, su1hz
    Hassan Zidan
    Cairo, Egypt
    Hassan -

    From you photo, this bandpass filter has SIX distinct filters, that should match a 6 position Band Switch on the Hagenuk radio.
    A picture of that Band Switch (front panel of the Hagenuk radio or amplifier) should tell you the HF frequency range (e.g. 14 - 15 MHz) for each selection.

    This bandpass filter is RELAY Switched, you can see the Relays for each band section and a control / interface section one end of the board.
    Did this come from a Hagenuk HF transceiver (100 watts RF output) or a Hagenuk HF amplifier (~500 watts RF Output) ??
    Based on components, it looks like it came from a 100 watt HF transceiver.

    IF you look at the HF Projects Low Pass Filter Board .. you will note the similarity to your Hagenuk board.
    [i]In your board, Air Wound coils are used -- while the HF Projects board used coils wound on Torroid cores


    That should help get you started.
    You will need to determine the control / relay switching and RF IN/OUT ports.

    73, greg - w9gb
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