Display day in Kyabram
Date : 03/06/2012
Location : Kyabram community Church
corner of Crichton Road and McEwin Road Kyabram

Time : Setup from 10:30 - 12:00 am
Public : 12:30 am - 3:00 pm (12:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs)

Frequency HF 7.110 mhz
Frequency VHF 146.650 Mhz (-) offset
Mount Wombat (VK3RGV Node number 6992

The plan is to setup a dipole of 15 meter and 40 meter
on a centre feed for a on air radio also a 2 meter arial as well to demonstrate
the 2 meter with repeater and IRLP capability I am hoping to get
stations to join us on the IRLP as well as on the 40 Meter

We will be showing the use of radio to the community at large and hoping they embrace our hobby
I will also like to demonstrate the ease of making a 2 meter arial and a
40 Meter arial as well as giving people the chance to see some types of
transmitters that we use and if we can bring some of the locals who
wish to be involved on as a second operator
I would also like it if we could demonstrate that the use of cw is still alive today

We will also be able to show how to get involved in radio
and give some information to the public to improve our visibility
in the public and also shocase our club to the area

Lets not miss a chance to keep radio alive and get more people to be able to enjoy our
hobby of radio and let new and younger members enjoy communications

I would thank you for your support for our common interest and goal