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Thread: How to set up log for additional call

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    Default How to set up log for additional call

    I have a callsign (AA0AA) in the U.S. and XE1/AA0AA while in Mexico--both are "permanent" and used about 6 months each call. I have the AA0AA log working but can't see any way to set up the XE1/AA0AA log. I wasn't able to find a thread that directly addressed this and it is not in the FAQs.

    I sent a message to someone asking for permission to set up a second page for XE1/AA0AA but it was only added as an alias.

    How can I open the second log (since they are separate DX entities)?

    Thanks in advance and 73,

    Scott - AA0AA and XE1/AA0AA

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    I am not sure this is possible as the primary portion of the XE2 callsign remains the same. Had the primary portion been different, then User Quide FAQ No 17 would apply. The new revision of the Logbook, now under development but still a long way off, will eventually correct this.

    It does appear possible to edit the primary callsign's Sender's tab information when entering a new record to accomodate a different location and DXCC entity. This "band-aid" still does not address the XE2/ callsign shortcoming.

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