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    Can anyone tell me where I can get production/shopdrawings for a 35’Ft. self support concrete foundation tower?

    Application is simple: to hold a 12" dish.

    Greatly appreciated if anyone can tell mewhere to get one.

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    Check the Rohn catalog with the requirements of your location in hand...I think that Rohn 25G at 35' with your 12" dish (~1 sq ft load) might work.

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    I agree, Rohn 25G would be cheaper than building one, and would get "approved" by building/safety councils easier since it's a properly engineered tower. A 12" dish atop a 35' 25G requires no guys up to 70 mph, just a proper concrete foundation; they provide all the engineering plans for that, for free.
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    Rohn 25G Guyed Tower Catalog
    This latest version has the 110 MPH data and configurations required in Gulf States and
    High probability tornado/hurricane regions.

    IF this is a wireless Internet install, the HDBX towers have been sold for these installations.
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    No matter what is atop the tower, at 35' height, it may require a permit. If required, it may require "wet-stamped" drawings from a licensed structural Professional Engineer in your locality (they may not accept manufacturer's drawings). Check with your local zoning and permitting authority. If required, you then would locate a PE and avail yourself of his/her services. You are one or two steps away from looking at what to buy.

    There are advantages to doing it by the rules. If someone wants to give you grief and you have a permit, you can tell them to pound dirt. If you don't have a permit where one is required, you could be in for some trouble. The book, Up The Tower, by Steve Morris/K7LXC is a good investment. It will answer these and other questions you have (and some questions you didn't know you had).

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