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Thread: Relax & Take a Breath - Sat Grid Chasing

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    Default Relax & Take a Breath - Sat Grid Chasing

    In a very sad reflection of amateur good will, I witnessed this attitude again today.....

    "By golly! If I don't get the contact, neither will anyone else!"

    If you really feel the need to transmit on top of other stations when they're clearly in the bird, maybe you should take up another hobby. It's just a grid, people. Honestly. Take a pill. It's very obvious to others when done intentionally.

    This is just a friendly reminder. Take a breath and calm down. The nice thing about grids is they do not move like political boundaries!

    EDIT: This has nothing to do with how seriously you take your hobby, what equipment you have, or how important awards are to you . It has everything to do with courtesy and conducting yourself in a decent manner when operating a radio.
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