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Thread: The Icom-7000 with a Comet GP-15

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    Default The Icom-7000 with a Comet GP-15

    Just got my Tech license and setting up my first station! But I'm a little confused as to whether or not I need an antenna duplexer. One multi-band transceiver, one tri-band antenna for now. Since the Icom-7000 supports duplex, is an external antenna needed? If I don't get one, can I only operate in simplex mode? Your help is much appreciated, the antenna is expected at the doorstep tomorrow, yea!



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    You do not need a duplexer to utilize 2m and 70cm on the same antenna, that particular feature is built in to the 7k. However, if you want to use the 6m capability of that antenna, you will need a duplexer that combines the 6m/HF to the UHF/VHF output to one antenna. That, or a 2 port antenna switch that will switch the 2 outputs of the radio to a single coax going to the antenna.

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    IMHO being the radio you have (a very nice one I might add) if you have the funds you should buy a HF/6m antenna there many out there. Then you can use all of your license privileges that you have now. You have 10m phone 28.3-28.5 to work for HF and some CW on several HF bands there is DX to be worked on 2/6/10m SSB quite a bit this last week in fact.
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    If you want to use all 3 bands of that antenna, you'll need this.
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    Thanks everybody for your replies! I think I'll go with the MX62M duplexer. Since I need to wait on the HF antenna for a while, might as well take advantage of all the antenna I got! In fact, before joining this forum, I researched the topic on here My current plans are to upgrade to General next month, get on the air in the meantime, then check out an appropriate HF antenna.


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