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Thread: Opening disc problems

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    In Windows-7 you can choose to "burn" a disc using them as a "flash" memory device. When the burn is complete, there is an "eject" function which, when "clicked", "prepares the disc for use on any computer". It takes about 15-seconds for this process and then the drive opens and the disc can be removed. At this point, it is possible to use the disc on another computer.

    To add data, the disc is again placed in the drive and the process starts again. The disc "opens" and the contents of the disc can be viewed, extracted, etc. Also, at this point, you can add additional data to the disc. This was done. After the new data is "burned", you go through the "eject" functions again. At this point the drive opens and the disc can be removed supposedly ready to be used on other computers. It was at this point that the problems with the discs happened. Neither disc was functional after the "eject" procedure was followed. I have used discs as "flash drives" before, have added data, and so forth, without any problems using the computer that was involved and on my other 2-computers which use Windows-7. Why neither disc was able to be used after the second session is what the problem actually is.

    After the first session the discs worked normally. After the second session they did not.

    Glen, K9STH

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    What type of disc are you using ? Brand ?

    Are they RW ?

    + or - ?

    Also are the disc being put in to another computers Writable drive ?
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    They are Phillips.

    One thing that I have noticed over the years is that out of 100 discs, or whatever quantity bought in the same package, no matter what the brand, usually has a few discs that are defective and won't even format! Occasionally, one of them may start to take data and then crash. Since discs are so cheap these days, I don't usually worry about them and just put them in a stack to be used for making rotary dials for equipment, using as a coaster on the operating positions, etc.

    It was just the fact that these two discs worked fine the first time around and then failed the second time around. I didn't delete anything from either disc, just added two more files to each which should work fine no matter if the discs were formatted for "flash" or not.

    These discs were bought at Comp USA, but I get discs at Microcenter and Fry's depending whether or not I am getting something else. Unfortunately, Comp USA moved the store that was less than 2-miles away to about 6-miles away. I have to go right by Microcenter to get there so it is much easier just to stop at Microcenter. Also, the Fry's is 2-miles in the opposite direction and doesn't require any freeway driving. Therefore, Fry's is more convenient.

    Glen, K9STH

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