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Thread: Picture doesn't appear in profile...?

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    Default Picture doesn't appear in profile...?

    I followed the instructions but the photo I uploaded of my shack doesn't show, just a blank box with a little red X in the corner and the text I typed. Any help appreciated...been trying a few times nothing seems to work.

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    only a guess, but maybe it does not like the () in the name of your picture. Maybe rename it and take out those characters and try again.

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    Works for me after I re-entered the picture into your bio.
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    You upload image twice, second image was re-name to P1010082_1_.JPG and you add it. Total you had 2 same images in your image collection, then you delete one of them. Of course it was same image that you re-name and use.
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    Ok..thanks for the help. I'm uncertain where the brackets came from, I'll have to try it again and see if I cn make it work myself. Thanks again for the help folks.

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