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    Good morning.

    Several months ago I reported a problem in where I could not read E-mail addresses when I put my mouse pointer over them, and maps were not showing up in the DETAIL page. I was told is was not a problem. I believed that, and went away.

    From that report, things began to get worse. I kept getting a pop-up message from my virus checker saying that there was a trojan attempting to access my system. It would kill it and delete it every time. But it kept happenning. At first it was only annoying, but it got worse. I just could never find this file, but the virus checker kept finding it for me whenever it showed up.

    Last week I decided I needed to really dig into this problem. So instead of just allowing the virus checker to kill it I started trying to track it down. What I discovered was interesting. And - I found the problem.

    For some time I had been running the Ham Radio Toolbar by N0HR. The "trojan" tracked down to one of the RSS feeds going into his toolbar. It kept trying to place the trojan into my computer.

    I first tried deleting all the RSS messages. Within a short while I got another virus warning.

    Now, I had requested N0HR a few times to allow unwanted RSS feeds to be deleted by the users. Well, a week ago I took care of the problem. I uninstalled the whole toolbar. Guess what.

    The Trojan warnings have not come back.
    The E-mail address again shows up when I mouse over.
    The maps again show up in the DETAIL page.

    Problem solved. I will miss the solar information section of the tool bar, it was nice getting the SFI-A-K right on the toolbar. But it wasn't worth the other problems. And NO - I will not reinstall it to verify that it was the toolbar. I am convinced myself, and I won't break what doesn't need fixing.

    Just thought I would share what I discovered.

    Vy73 - Mike - KD9KC.
    El Paso, TX - DM61rt.
    W5-SOTA Association Manager.
    SOTA info:

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    SFI-A-K info is available on the QRZ.COM main page.

    Click on the QRZ.COM logo in the upper left of and QRZ Page.
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