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Thread: Uploading pictures.

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    Default Uploading pictures.

    OK, I've read the instructions and get to the part about clicking on Brower Server. Tutorial says to click on the bio area where you want the picture, then click on pic icon. I get to the preview screen to adjust size and tutorial says to click "OK", but there is not an "OK" button! Or at least not visible on my screen. What am I doing wrong?

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    I think images below can find button "OK"

    If you want add picture which you just upload click to “Browse Server” icon

    • Double-click on the image that you want inserted into your bio

    Choose border , vertical (VSpace) and horizontal (VSpace) volume between text and your image , image align (left, right) – then click “OK” when finish. Alternative text will show if image is not displayed.

    • Using the mouse, grab one of the small white handles to stretch your picture to the desired size.
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