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Thread: ICOM IC-502 SSB Transceiver - Nicad Size

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    Default ICOM IC-502 SSB Transceiver - Nicad Size

    A recent acquistion of mine is the IC-502, 6 meter sideband transceiver. I want to install Nicad batteries in it but cannot find information on the battery physical size. I know it takes 10 1.5vdc Nicads and they are "C" size but I cannot find documentation on the batteries even in the IC-502 manuals only that there are 10 of em.

    So my question is, are they 2/3 "C" or 4/5 "C" or something other?

    If memory serves me right, I believe them to be 2/3 "C".

    Thanks for any input on this.


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    Hi Bill, I had the IC-202 and it used C cells. For Nicads the voltage with 10 cells that are working properly would be 12VDC. I seem to remember having a dummy battery to reduce the number of cells when I operated with the C cells that put out 1.5VDC each. In that case I would use 8 cells with the reducer installed.
    Hope this helps and it has been awhile, like 35 years.
    I have CRS syndrome.

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