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Thread: QSL - How many non-members of the RSGB know about this change?

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    You terminated last month? I terminated two months ago. It is now cheaper for me to pay to be a receiving member of the bureau and therefore I do stopped paying my full RSGB membership which is much more expensive. In the past of course I would have stayed a member to receive the cards, but they introduced a cheaper method. It was the RSGB who made it possible for me to leave the RSGB and still get the cards. They did that using their own judgement and self-acclaimed business expertise, I just took advantage of it. They even gave me an extra discount for paying for two years at once. Why pay the membership in that situation?

    Before someone posts a comment that people should join their national society - yes, but only if it is the sort of thing you would want to join. Spending a fortune on a shed as a "national" centre (how national is it when it is 350 miles from me, and much further from others?), and many other things caused me not to want to join again. THEY need to make it attractive to me, and they need to stop trying to rope me into standing orders and stop milking me for money all the time. Yes I do have an alternative, but when I tried to interact with them (and I did) I was treated like a lunatic. Maybe I am a lunatic so I have to leave. Either way it was clear that my view was not welcome.

    By the way I give hours of my time volunteering and running Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses here. I am not one of those who takes from the hobby and does not give back.

    And in any case, I can not be blamed for not paying for the bureau, and it was the RSGB who allowed me to do it. I pay what they asked. Thanks folks.

    However, to stay on or near the thread ... thanks RSGB for making it cheaper for me to receive my paper cards. In any case eQSL is the way forward. 'nuff said.


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    If I had to pay to receive mail, I would not accept any bills. Common sense I think.

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    Hi Jim GM4FVM

    I rarely exchange printed cards the exception being contacts that are not run-of-the-mill which are sent direct, so won't miss the bureau.

    Re: your comment on the society.
    My view is when I took an interest in radio during the late 60's was that it was a semi professional organisation.
    Radcom / Bulletin was mandatory reading for me together with Wireless World.
    The most impressive publication was the American Ham Radio magazine, it was excellent
    Nowdays Dubus fills that gap for me.
    Apart from the few good technical articles in todays Radcom, the rest is mainly tripe.
    The RSGB has for a long time ignored promoting amateur radio to aspiring professional people and continues to do so.
    I urge them to reverse this situation.

    As for your treatment by the society, you are definitely 100% not alone.
    Last year I suffered totally unwarranted verbal abuse in front of a witness by a member of a regional team, they are now blacklisted by me.
    Quite a few of the regional reps have a very poor attitude to anyone who offers a different view to the society dogma.
    I was also threatened by a member of Raynet at a rally a few years ago, the person was quite unhinged and full of his so called "authority".
    He scuttled away when I stood up to him.
    I put it down to lack of self esteem and the dreaded yellow tabbard disease

    As for putting back something into Amateur Radio my preference is to support beacons.

    73 John
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    Quote Originally Posted by G4PKP View Post
    I also feel the same as you about FL's but I think it was instigated by the makers of the black boxes who were seeing their sales figures falling and thought if we give licenses away like green shield stamps, our bottom line will rocket and we can continue flogging our gear. Jap business developement depends on "built in obsolesence" The radios they sell today were designed 3 or 4 years ago, like their cameras, cars, tv's and every other damn thing.
    Maybe I'm becoming a cynic in my old age!
    John G4PKP

    This was only some information I came across (not being a member of the RSGB for several years now through personal choice ) and wondered how many other non- members, were suddenly not getting what was a service for all Swl / Radio Amateurs in the UK

    The question about choices of :-

    If to Qsl
    How to Qsl
    Types of Qsling
    are surely personal ,no big stick to wave at any one type. (the thing about the price of stamps going up was just stuck in my throat at the time)

    My thoughts are as follows, with the electronic age well and truly here ,(radio amateurs have always been at the cutting edge of technology) why are awards regulated by such an outdated, expensive,time consuming, archaic methods.
    When it could all be done so much cheaper, without having to send "Green Stamps"
    (if that is all they want I have a box of Green shield stamps under the stairs I think)

    If the cheats want awards and more pieces of paper to stick on the wall , let them make their own and print them off on any printer.

    I personally get the kick out of KNOWING that I have worked a particular station conformation of such a thing is nice, BUT not the be all and end all for me .

    HAPPY QSLing and my the Stamps be with you (Green or otherwise !)

    Graham Gw0hus

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    Thanks to Graham, John and KI6LZ for taking this forward. Good ideas well thought out.

    Obviously those of us supporting and eQSLs are maybe a select bunch of amateurs. I guess that in a hobby which is being stifled by the advancing average age (I have been in this hobby for over 45 years), complexity in the gear and the modes, and the general bumbing down (typo, but that looks better) which seems to have happened, some folks will want to stand up and explain some common sense. It is a pity that those that claim to be in authority do not listen to this. Paper QSLs are really an inconvenience for the RSGB, and they would rather be shot of them, while at the same time standing aloof from accepting electronic alternatives.

    For me, an electronic QSL is as much of a joy to receive as a paper one - a bit like a letter and an email. I do not write many letters these days. Royal Mail is going down the pan thanks to the same process, and paper QSLs will soon be memory. Well, not quite I think. Direct QSLs still have a future for those who can afford them for that special contact. What will continue to disappear is the QSL bureau, and many have gone already.

    Just another sign that the old certainties (QSL bureaus and national societies who care about members) are on the way out. Let us move on. In one way the RSGB are hastening my own change - I only reply to paper cards: if nobody sent them to me I would be finished with them. So, the future is electronic.

    P.S. I keep an old laptop running Linux in case the armagedden virus ever wipes Windows completely. And a pen, a roll of shiny loo paper (says "Now wash your hands please) and a packet of Kendal Mint Cake. If the Information Age goes into reverse, I can live without the paper QSLs, so I will burn those for heat.
    P.P.S I also have an emergency supply of Pink Stamps (I always thought the Green ones were a bit common). 'fvm

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