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Thread: Need a little help with ClamWin, LOL!

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    Thumbs up Need a little help with ClamWin, LOL!

    Good Morning Gentlemen & Ms Sue,

    Yesterday, I got a "pop-up" stating my AVG2012 FREE subscription ran out.
    I always thought "Free" meant "Forever", LOL! My bad. So, upon your handy
    advice, I chose to run CLAMWIN. I got is loaded ans started the scan. It took
    quite a long time for the AV to run it's course but it finally finished. When I
    ran the software, I had a bunch of "programs" of the .dll kind come up saying
    it was "locked" and could not be scanned. After completion, the software said
    it "found" 10 viruses, but did not name them or tell me if it put them in the
    virus "vault" or if it just deleted them.

    I'd like to know how I can "open" these .dll's to be scanned what happened to
    the 10 viruses found.

    Y' All have been tremendously helpfull and understanding of me and my
    computer problems. For this, I owe each of you a cup of coffee and a
    great steak or seafood dinner, LOL!

    I'm gonna busy myself today inputting some more of the Texas, Louisiana,
    or Arkansas "counties" Part 90 (Public Safety data. This is a fun, GOD-
    ordered job to help protect folks and property when severe wx hits. IF
    you live within Arkansas, Texas, or Louisiana and would like a copy, just
    ka5(dot)lqj@gmail(dot)com and I get one to you ASAP.


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    AVG2012 expired?. It just came out. You are being spoofed. It has been rated as one of the best of the "FREE" editions. Why settle for less? See link below for details;,2817,2391931,00.asp

    No, you can not "open" a DLL under normal circumstances but you can upload any file to a site for additional virus checking. See link below for details;

    I'll collect my surf & turf next time I'm in town.

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