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Thread: New CW OPs! SKCC Two Hour Sprint This Evening (4/24)

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    Was sprinting last night, most of the east coast looked stormy on my lightning tracker, and not many were on 80M and heard nobody on 160. too much lightning QRN, I guess.
    Made a few good runs on 40M.
    Was using my bug slowed down to 12 WPM but switched to the J-38 for a few QRS CQs and got more stations worked that way.
    A fun evening.
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    80 wasn't nearly as bad as expected here. 40 was in good shape, and 20 was quiet with a few stations on the Left Coast coming in nicely. I stuck with the J-38 and 50 Watts this time around.

    The Weekend Sprint in May should be interesting with its unusual scoring scheme.
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