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    Default help matching up radio manufacturer part# with oe parts manufacturer part#


    i have a hammarlund receiver that is missing the meter the original meter is a SIMPSON model ( i can tell from a picture of an original one.
    the hammarlund manual gives a hammarlund part number for the meter.

    is there any way to match up the hammarlund part number with the original simpson part number???

    i immagine it is next to impossible as hammarlund is long gone.

    can anyone help or have an idea?

    thanks very much

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    Original meter is likely unobtainium new.

    If you want it to be all original the Only option would likely be to locate a "donor radio"

    A meter from a different source may be size/electrically equivalent BUT it probably wouldn't have the same face/calibration markings
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    The good news is that Simpson Electric is still in business, now in Lac du Flambeau, WI.
    The old Elgin, IL HQ offices were closed in 2006 and consolidated to Wisconsin.
    These are the current analog meter types that the company makes.

    Simpson meter repair is available at service centers throughout US.
    You have to realize that given parts availability and proper knowledge for restoration,
    MANY radios are entering collector restoration cost profiles (identical to automobiles).

    IF you would have provided the Hammerlund receiver MODEL Number, assistance can be provided.
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    hello and thank you
    i have emailed simpson and half a dozen other vintage meter suppliers as well as quite a few antique radio parts dealers.
    i have also talked with charlie at the website (who has given me many of the meter manufacturers and dealers to check out.
    he also has on his website a cross reference between old and new hammarlund part numbers. but no cross between hammarlund and oe parts suppliers.
    im not that great with computers , is there a way to upload a picture and post it?
    the receiver is a hammarlund sp-600vlf : unlike every single other sp-600 variant, it uses a decibel meter instead of an s-unit/signal strength meter.
    my receiver is missing the meter but a very kind ham with the same radio has supplied me with an excellent picture of the meter face.
    the original hammarlund part number from the manual is 16359-1
    the scale reads from left to right...40 35_30 20 0 + 40 80
    directly under that it reads DB FROM 50 MICROVOLTS
    not visible in the the bottom left hand corner of the face reads 33942-1 the right corner is REV 5

    i realize that i am more than likely to never find an original meter, in which case- i will have to have one made

    but there is a sparkle of hope that reaching out to the hundreds of people on a few of these forums just may reveal a surprise.

    i uploaded the picture on the oldradios forum so you can check it out there------ untill i figure out (if it is possible) to put a picture on this one

    thanks very much again and i welcome any and all ideas...because someone has to have one (i hope i hope i hope)


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    Most of those S meters were a basic 0-1 ma movement, with a custom face. If you can find another 1 ma Simpson movement, you can cannibalize the face from the bad meter, usually by removing/replacing two tiny screws on either side of the movement proper. You will be working around a strong magnetic field, so using non-magnetic tools are necessary.

    Or put out a general querie on the Hammarlund e-mail reflector; someone might have just what you need in their junkpile.

    Gary WA7KKP

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    If you can get the specs and a meter that physically matches the original, you can use your computer to make a "original" faceplate.
    Dick KH2G

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