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    Does anyone know if there is a way to make the logbook work for a club call. You cannot subscribe with a club call. I did get to the part where I can manage the club call (add pictures, and text) but no way to get to the logbook. The logbook "manual" doesn't seem to address this. A note to the editor only leads to this forum where I see nothing.

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    The individual account that manages the club account can enter the logbook for the club by going to their own logbook and then choosing the pulldown in the upper left where the manager's call sign is. You should see the club call as an alternate choice.

    I e-mailed and aske how every club member could access the club logbook via their own accounts. QRZ will add up to about five more accounts that can access the club logbook in the same way as the club page manager does. Additional linked accounts are optional.

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    I have the same problem. I only can choose my own call in the pulldown.

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    The editors have been updated and should now be able to accomodate handling club calls. Please make a new request to

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