I would like to try out APRS, but after much googling I'm still not sure what route to take. If you all could give me some advice after reading this.....

  • the only 2m/70cm rig I have is a Kenwood TH-F7e a.k.a. TH-F6A.
  • I'm running Linux exclusively. I do run Wine, but I prefer native Linux software. I have played with Xastir in the past.
  • I would like to connect my Hobby Board 1-Wire sensors to transmit weather data from my home QTH.
  • Picking up or working the ISS would be fun.
  • I'm not sure whether to buy a TNC or a tracker (I've been looking at Opentracker+, the TinyTrac3 and the Cross Country Wireless APRS TNC Digi Tracker). Kits are fine with me, building from scratch not at this stage. Making custom cables is no problem.
  • Me being not so bright sometimes (some say most of the time, but I beg to differ ) I am looking for a set-up with which has lots of documentation on the web for me to follow.
  • The budget is limited. If I can get second hand stuff I would be delighted, but then I have to be certain I get the right stuff.

I live in Taiwan. We do have a fixed APRS frequency here, but it has moved around a bit. Thanks for the help. --Hans