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    I have set up an iGate at my school using a laptop with UIview and AGWPE along with a 2m radio. currently, if i send a beacon from the laptop, it appears on, however, no packets are being forwarded from UIview to is decoding the packets but they are not transferring to UIview and help would be greatly appreciated

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    We have a similar setup using an old kenwood xcvr in the rx mode only. set the squelch until it's breaking open from time to time (very sensitive). Then battle out the audio setting so you get good data out of the radio into UIVIEW. Make sure your sound card settings are correct as well as your UIVIEW AND AGWPE settings.

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    looks like the HT that i was using has too much of a delay to receive packets. i hooked up to the 2m rig and it worked fine.....i actually set up a second iGate with a scanner at home and it is working. i guess i need to find a newer receiver to use for the iGate at school

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    Default Power Save Mode

    Yaesu's have a power save mode for the receiver. They recommend disabling it when using the packet feature of the radio so the TNC does not miss the front end of the packet.
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    The HT is an Icom T2H so im guessing the delay is from it being an older radio

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    Using AGWPE you may also want to turn the squelch so it's wide open as the author recommends there's also the soft DCD setting that goes along with this if I recall.

    Nothing against UIView but I found that mine stopped igating and digipeating so I switched to APRSISCE and haven't had a hiccup since.

    I'm currently not at home and my VPN doesn't work over a cellular modem so I can't double check my settings.
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