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Thread: downloading and e-mailing qth maps

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    Default downloading and e-mailing qth maps


    I'm trying to copy, edit save qth maps.
    I am having a hard time doing this.
    I would like to be able to save the map thats on my look up page and add a compase rose using paint or photo shop.
    Trouble is I can't seem to copy&paste, save maps to any thing lately.
    I want to have a map of my qth for hams to use when visiting the area.
    These library computers are getting very restrictive to use.
    I will try copying to a floppy disc, but I don't think this will work either.
    This is not good if there is an emergency and people need directions.

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    Press the <PRTSCR> key, open Paint and select paste.

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    It doesn't work, all it does when I go to paint is open additional "paint" windows.
    and nothing pastes.
    I thought of print preview, then trying to get the image from there but no luck.
    the library is simply blockiing a lot of things! one could be here for hours.
    I will have to print the image then add with a pencil or pen the directions then print many copies.
    I'm going to see if I can add things to my qrz lookup map (I think I tried this though).
    I'm going to link or "share" the image to sites then send hams to that site (twitter), but not every body has a smart phone to look this up.

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    I find it hard to believe they would block all that kind of stuff. Just to be clear, you press and release the <PRTSCRN> key on the keyboard, then you open Paint -- then in Paint, click edit, then paste. This should paste the screen capture into Paint.

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    I'll try it again, all I would need is someone to copy the map on my lookup page then I will try to save it from there (forum page) after checking thread again.
    There is some sort of screen filter that may keep it from save.
    If I try to upload the zoom in of my block it will just send the map web page.

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    It worked! with the qrz lookup page, just for fun I'll try it with google maps again.

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    I have good luck capturing images and then editing them with two free programs: MWSnap3 for screen capture, and Photoscape for the editing. The latter is amazingly capable for a free download. It's not a trial version, either, it's the full-on program.
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    Don't forget Gimp. Gimp has a version for Windows, Mac, and Linux and it's free.
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