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Thread: Looking for article on 2m amp by Helge Granberg

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    Default Looking for article on 2m amp by Helge Granberg

    I'm resurrecting a couple of 2m amps I built a long time (at least two moves and one wife) ago. The amps were based on Motorola transistors and the article was written by Helge O Granberg. I have his Motorola ap note but I am trying to find a copy of an article he wrote. I think it was in QST but could have been in Ham Radio. The ap note will get me by but the article had more practical construction information.

    I've tried the QST Archive search but only found a cross-reference sidebar under Granberg's name.

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    Start with Helge's AN-791 Application Note
    Uses the MRF-240 and MRF-247 transistors

    CCI 875A -- Kit or assembled
    CCI 335A. -- Kit or assembled

    January/February 1989 issue of QEX has Helge's article on FETs.
    The QEX articles are not available for download from ARRL.

    December 1982, January 1983 QST, Helge's MOSFET amplifier

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    I tried the Archives search and found a pile of stuff by Helge (K7ES).

    One was an article about microstrip techniques used in VHF SS amplifiers and featured designs for 2 meters.

    That was September, 1979 QST, pages 11-16.
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    Steve got the correct QST issue, September 1979 -- on page 11.
    That article is an excerpt from Helge's AN-791 Application Note.

    Communication Concepts sells the kit of parts, to follow article or AN-791
    and as assembled amplifier.
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    Thanks for all of the responses. I guess I need to sharpen up my search skills at ARRL. org.

    These were very easy amps to build. I have the low power version biased for Class C and the high power built as a linear for my 2M SSB rig. At the time I worked for an electronics manufacturer that had in-house board fabrication so I was able to make my own board. I was also able to snag some sample heatsinks and other common commponents. Oddly enough I still have the negatives but not the article.

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    From the Motorola transistor handbook i used these designs to build the 2 x MRF 247 amp.
    Must have been 30? years back, it is still up and running, but not used for a decade or so.
    Brings back some fine memories though
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